Welcome to our easy-to-use grocery app! It’s designed to make your grocery deliveries smooth and simple. With our smart app, you can easily manage your grocery delivery business and keep track of orders as they happen. Your customers will be happy, and you’ll find everything easy. Try it now and see how it simplifies your grocery delivery work!


Running a grocery shop isn’t easy nowadays. It’s tough to manage orders, deliveries, and keep customers happy while also saving money. Plus, building a strong brand and making customers loyal needs creative solutions. Adhoc Software made the “G app” to face these challenges.


At Adhoc Software, we made the “G app” to help grocery shop owners. Our aim is to make their work easier and improve how they connect with customers. We want to make grocery deliveries better by putting everything in one place. This way, deliveries become smoother, customers stay loyal, and the brand shines.


           Let’s talk about the cool things in our app

Admin Dashboard

Control Centre: One place to manage orders, deliveries, and products.

Watch Deliveries: See where orders are to help if there’s a problem.

Quick Updates: Get alerts about orders right away, so you’re always in the loop.

List Your Products: Keep your store’s products updated and looking good.

Sales and Deals: Easily put on sales and offers to make customers happy.

Know Your Business: See which things sell well and how customers act.

Delivery  App

Easy Start: Make it simple to add and manage delivery agents.

See Deliveries: Watch deliveries in real-time and know all about the orders.

Fast Orders: Tell agents quickly about new orders, so they’re fast and on time.

Availability Sharing: Agents can say when they can work, so we schedule better.

Smart Routes: Find the best way to deliver, so it’s quick and cheap.

Earnings Reports: Show agents how much they make each day.

Customer App

Easy Sign-Up: Customers can start easily with simple sign-up options.

Find Stuff Fast: Help customers quickly find what they want to buy.

Pick Delivery Time: Let customers choose when they want their groceries.

Stay Informed: Keep customers in the know with alerts about orders.

See Their Order: Show customers where their order is in real-time.

Pay Safely: Let customers pay securely when they’re done shopping.

Build Loyal Customers

 24/7 In-App Online Chat Support System: Enhance customer service and build trust through round-the-clock support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Reduce Delivery Costs with Route Optimization: Cut down on expenses by optimizing delivery routes, leading to cost-effective operations.

Boost Your Brand with a Fully-Customized Solution: Create a personalized, branded experience that resonates with customers, strengthening brand recognition and loyalty.

Behind the Scenes

Our app was created by a team of smart people at Adhoc Software. They used their clever ideas to make the app work really well. They made sure everything fits together nicely, like pieces of a puzzle. So, when you use the app, you’re benefiting from their hard work and smart thinking. It’s like having a secret team of helpers making things run smoothly for you!”


Python Developer

The Success

Since we started the “G app,” things have changed. Grocery shops are working better, spending less on deliveries, and making customers happier. Our app is easy to use, does a lot, and has made a big difference for grocery shops.


The “G app” from Adhoc Software is the way to make grocery shops better. It helps shops and customers work together smoothly. Join others who are already using the “G app” to change how they do groceries. Sign up now and start improving your shop with easier work, happier customers, and success!

Let’s Transform your business in a meaningful way.