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In the earlier days to join a wifi network, one should select the wifi name from the list and need to enter the password to gain access to the wifi device. Our WIFI QR Code Generator application helps you to create a QR code and that code allows you to get connected with the wifi network, Scanning the QR code by the mobile device is the easy step to get connected with the device.

Our wifi application can be installed on a laptop or on the desktop with a wifi dongle, and the application will help to create a new wifi device. This application will connect with the existing internet and create a new wifi SSID, Admin can set the wifi name, password, and the security type to generate the QR code. Once the QR code is generated user just needs to scan the code to get connected with the wifi.

How to Generate wifi QR code?

  1. Install our wifi application on your laptop or in the desktop.

2. Create a network name for the wifi.

3. Enter the password.

4. Click on the QR code generator.

5. Display the QR code, so the users can connect easily by scanning the code.

6. Download the QR code.

What information is stored in a wifi QR code?

  1. Network Name

2. Password

3. Security type can be WEP or WPA

Benefits of wifi QR code.

The wifi QR code has many benefits which are listed below

Easy Connect
The users can easily connect to the device, sometimes the person may forget the wifi password. Once the QR code is generated anyone can join easily with the code.


This code can be placed in the hotels or in the restaurants so that the visitors can connect easily without asking for the wifi password from the staff.

Offices/ showrooms

When the users are visiting to the offices or any showrooms there it will be useful, the visitors can connect easily to the network and they can access the internet.


Admin can check how many users are connected to the wifi in real-time.

Blocking the website is possible by using our application

The QR code can be changed at any time, the users need to scan the QR code again to get connected with the network.

The wifi QR code can provide a strong password combination of characters, numbers, special characters.


If you are planning to QR code-based wifi for your visitors then our application will be the best choice, it is simple and user friendly. Just scanning the QR code will help your visitor to get access to the internet. We Adhoc softwares has 12+ years of experience in developing the software application. Our experienced developers will help you to grow your business to the next level.

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