Recharge App

What they want

First, our client recommended as to build software for mobile recharge business to deal with mobile recharges and tops ups, etc. After a few more days he asked for software that can be used for all types of recharge.

Our Solution

Our software developer has designed the recharge software with various functionality where it is easy to use and can be customized as per the user’s request. Our recharge software comes with a function that enables multiple routes for sending SMS alerts which makes it unique Recharge Software. This software is helpful for retailers who are dealing with mobile recharges and tops ups.


Dot Net




Java Script

Current Status

The featured multi-recharge software helps our retailers to have control over their own mobile recharge business. By using our software they can obtain complete control over all mobile operators, as it comes up with API, long code, and bulk SMS. By using this software, they have improved their business to a great level.