Krishna Hallmarking from Coimbatore, Madurai

What they want

Most of the Hall Mark providers are facing challenges in completing the hallmarking procedures without any fault. Our client has tried software before to maintain all the procedures but it didn’t fit their complete process as it lacks some crucial features. What they need is to handle all the procedures of hallmarking and to obtain the concerned bill.

Our Solution

But we gave them a solution to overcome these challenges as we created a hallmarking software which can completely fulfil them as our software can be customized according to every business needs. It helps to reduce the general time needed to complete the process and also comes with lots of new functions as well as updates to follow up the current hallmarking procedure. To be specific we have created these characteristics by remembering the needs of our clients.

Current Status

ERP software has been implemented in their manufacturing process to concentrate on important tasks. So no need of spending most of their time on manual tasks like before and enables the user to configure the system flexibly to meet their business requirements.