GEM Gold

How it works?

Every business is using the legacy system to collect their data and manage their business. We created a Hallmarking App called Legit HM which is created for the jewellery hallmarking process and handles the complete process of hallmarking.

Our Approach

Legit HM was designed with various features for jewellery hallmarking that cover the complete process of jewellery such as receiving, sampling, lab testing, QC process, Marking Process and delivering the jewellery which is marked perfectly. The Legit HM has been combined with new-found functions and also updates according to the hallmarking centre.

Challenges We Faced

Even though the software works perfectly we have faced a bit challenges while integrating the machine and its testing process. It would have been an important part to solve it to attain the accurate result of jewellery. So we worked on it and integrated the software.






This app was created to satisfy all the demands of the customers with its outstanding functions. This legit HM app allows the user to analyze the data instantly and react to it. This app would help to enhance the operations and increase the jewellery business outcomes.